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Sydney Fabric Lounge Cleaning by Chem-Dry.

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Sydney is a city where quality service is in demand. Our Sydney Fabric Lounge Cleaning service aims to meet and exceed your expectations.

ChemDry Actiony excels in the area of fabric lounge cleaning. Sofa cleaning can be complicated and physically challenging. Attention to detail is required. Some carpet and lounge cleaners would rather not clean upholstery. Our Sydney Fabric Lounge Cleaning staff relish every challenge.

There is no substitute for knowledge, skill and experience when it comes to fabric lounge cleaning. Our Sydney Fabric lounge cleaning technicians clean the whole spectrum of  fabric sofas. We charge a premium price and deliver quality workmanship. With thousands of loyal repeat and referral customers, Chem-Dry Action stands apart from the Sydney competition. Once you have experienced our quality service, it is unlikely that you will be shopping around again.


You want the best when it comes to lounge cleaning.
Our lounge cleaners will do the following:

Determine the fabric lounge cleaning requirements and test clean the material if required.

Confirm our estimated price.

Prepare the room where the lounges are to be cleaned. We use drop sheets to protect your floor.

Use our wide range of Chem-Dry stain removal chemicals.

Complete the lounge cleaning. We clean all cushions (back and front) as well as the frame from top to bottom. You have the option of having the fabric protected at an additional charge. We strongly recommend the protection of light fabric upholstery to make future maintenance easier.

Other Sydney fabric lounge cleaning services include:

Drying of flood damaged lounges.

Sanitise upholstery that has been exposed to bacteria.

Dust Mite treat lounges.

Removal of smoke or soot from fabric plus deodorise the lounges.

Restore mould affected couches.

Pingi Australia has a couple of very good posts on mould removal as well as moisture and mould facts. Click on the red links for more information.


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