Upholstery Dry Cleaning – Part of 11 Steps of Restoration

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upholstery dry cleaning


Upholstery Dry Cleaning is the safest fabric cleaning option that we have in our restoration program. When you clean upholstery with solvents, you limit the risk of mould, rust, shrinkage and colour migration to an absolute minimum. Chem-Dry Action is known in Sydney for being able to clean any fabric. Our Dry Cleaning service is part of the reason why we are a premium service provider.


upholstery dry cleaning

Our Upholstery Dry Cleaning Service Has Two Options.

Part of our sofa cleaning service is not always explained properly. The technicality of lounge cleaning with a dry system can be explained as follows:

Option 1.

Dry Cleaning involves treatment of fabric with solvents only. Fabric upholstery is immersed in odourless mineral spirits. The material is agitated and finally extracted. Solvent spot removers are used for specialised stains and solvent protection is applied to render the couches stain resistant. No water is used at any stage of the cleaning process. Great for delicate materials like silk or viscose but not very effective when upholstery is very dirty.

Option 2.

We call this cleaning process Dry/Wet/Dry. It is the second safest upholstery cleaning process available to us. The material is again immersed in a dry cleaning solution. This is followed with water based chemical being applied and rinsed out with low moisture hot water extraction. Our technicians are able to remove much more ingrained dust, dirt and stains with option 2. It is still a much safer way of cleaning upholstery.


Chem-Dry Premium Service

Chem-Dry Action has some of the experienced Chem-Dry technicians in Sydney. They will treat your property as if it was their own. Upholstery Dry Cleaning is a service that sets us apart from our competition. It is also a service where we try to target customers who want a discerning service experience. Most of us know that low prices can at times be a false economy. It is certainly true when it comes to cleaning fabric furniture.

We also offer a Lounge Steam Cleaning service for certain types of very soiled or stained upholstery.


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