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Fabric Couch Protection – Chem-Dry Specialist ServiceFabric Couch Protection

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Fabric couch protection is often an ignored part of our service. Customers want an “as new lounge” but may baulk at the price of also protecting the fabric. Some may argue that it does not work. Others say it is too expensive.

But…..When your lifestyle is busy. Small children and pets dominate the landscape.  Meals and drinks on the upholstery happen regularly. Your fabric couches are light coloured. You hate putting throws on the material. Or… you just your soft furnishing to look newer for longer.

Our Technicians are Trained to Assist.

These are all reasons to rethink paying additional for fabric couch protection. Our technicians will take great care in cleaning your furniture. The same attention to detail will apply when we protect your lounges.

Our technicians will go through the process step by step. They know what specific products to use on your fabric and how much protection is necessary. We never try to upsell you a product or service you do not need.

We believe that it is important for our customers to understand the value of protection solutions upfront. That’s why you can trust the Chem-Dry Fabric Protector.

Our fabric protector is formulated to create an invisible shield that repels liquids and prevents stains from setting in quickly. It also helps resist soiling and extends the life of your upholstery. Our technique will protect your couches against grime and spills. Future maintenance is just that much easier if the fibres have been protected.

Chem-Dry Action also specialises in other types of protection:

Carpets and Rugs.

Tiles and Grout.

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All our product research is done in the USA. Only the best and safest procedures and techniques are used. You can trust Chem-Dry Action to look after customers in Sydney.