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 Fabric Lounge Cleaning by Chem-Dry.

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It is in the area of fabric lounge cleaning where Chem-Dry stands out. Lounge cleaning is difficult and risky and many companies simply walk away from some of the challenges out there.

Fabric Lounge Cleaning

There is no substitute for knowledge, skill and experience when it comes to cleaning fabric lounges. Our professional technicians are able to clean any type of a upholstery. The types of material used in producing upholstery vary quite a bit in Australia. You do not want a cleaner in your house who is uncertain about cleaning a lounge because of questions around fabric identification.

Professional lounge cleaning experience is crucial

Let’s look at the various materials sold to Australian consumers. Broadly the split will be between natural fibres and synthetic.  We mainly come across microfibre, cotton, polyester, nylon, wool, linen, viscose and silk fabrics. At times fabrics are combined to create a more unique look. Not all material can be cleaned with water and the shrinkage of the individual fabric also differ quite a bit.

fabric lounge cleaning

Keep your lounges looking good.

Our technicians will:

Inspect the fabric and test clean the material if required.

Confirm our estimated price.

Set up a mobile work station and protect floor surfaces.

Pre-treat all stains with the range of Chem-Dry cleaning solutions.

Complete the sofa cleaning with the option of protecting the fabric afterwards. We strongly recommend the protection of light fabric upholstery to make future maintenance easier. We use either a water-based or a solvent based protection depending on the material.

Other Furniture Cleaning Services Include:

Drying of sofas where water damage has occurred.

Sanitise upholstery that has been contaminated.

Dust Mite treatment of furniture where allergic reactions are a problem.

Cleaning of soot affected upholstery.

Protection to render material stain resistant.

We offer a choice of three cleaning systems:

  • Wet fabric lounge cleaning. This entails the process of hot water extraction followed by speed drying with air movers. Whilst we use steam cleaning, the amount of water is limited to prevent long drying times.
  • Wet/Dry combination fabric lounge cleaning. Fabric is first saturated with odourless mineral spirits which is followed by a wet cleaning pass.
  • Dry cleaning of upholstery reserved for delicate fabrics.

Because fabrics react differently to the cleaning process, our company has expanded our range of cleaning options. This ensures that Chem-Dry Action technicians can clean any type of lounge fabric.

We can take care of a wide range of fabrics.

– Mock or fake suede – Wool – Woven Cotton

– Silk or Viscose – Linen or Indian Cotton – Nylon or other synthetic fabric combinations

Contact Chem-Dry Australia for a list of expert sofa cleaners throughout Australia.

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