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Synthetic rug cleaning


Our Synthetic Rug Cleaning technicians will:

Inspect the rug cleaning and test clean stains.

Confirm the estimated price.

We can clean rugs on site but prefer that they are taken offsite to our Sydney synthetic rug cleaning facility in Dee Why. Rugs that are cleaned off-site can be cleaned to a higher standard and our staff will have more options to deal with every cleaning challenge. Synthetic rug cleaning is suited to off-site cleaning as extensive rug washing is possible for these types of rugs. We are able to give the rugs the proper attention. We strongly recommend that you have your rugs protected once the rug cleaning has been completed.


synthetic rug cleaning


ChemDry Action combines the following methods where appropriate:
  • Specialised fringe cleaning.
  • Hot water extraction.
  • Steam Cleaning.
  • Air Blasting.
  • Water Blasting.
  • Immersion of the rug in a bath (which is more rug washing).
  • Bonnet Cleaning – will clean and dry.
  • Colour Fast Treatments.
  • Speed Drying with Turbo air movers.


Want clean, fresh and bacteria free rugs? has more information on synthetic rug cleaning. The general consensus is that you can be a lot more aggressive with synthetic rugs. They are machine produced and there are no colour migration issues. Synthetic fibres can stand heat and immersion. Stain resistant treatment also works particularly well on nylon  and polypropylene fibres.


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