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Commercial Chair Cleaning is something that our company specialises in. We have over 25 years of carpet and upholstery cleaning experience in Sydney. This applies to both domestic and commercial restoration. Regardless whether it is a small pub around the corner or a large office block in the CBD.

commercial chair cleaning

Office chairs can get very grubby. Quite often workers eat food or drink coffee/tea at their desk. It is just a matter of time before a stain/dirt become visible. Bacteria build up on chairs and may cause your staff to experience health issues.

Time to Clean Your Office Chairs!

Show your staff that you care about their indoor air quality. You want them to work productively in a clean and healthy environment. Regular commercial chair cleaning is part of that process.

What Does Our Cleaning Process Involve?

Chem-Dry Action staff will clean your chairs at a time that suits you. Over a weekend or after work are two options that we offer. We want to make 100% sure that your commercial activities are not affected.

We set up central workstations where possible. Drop sheets cover the floor against accidental spillages.

All chairs are pre-sprayed and stains are treated before cleaning starts. The cleaning solutions are agitated after a set dwell time.

Chem-Dry technicians will use either our steam or dry process. This is determined by the type of upholstered fabric. Our technicians are able to speed the fabric drying process up. This is done through extra dry extraction passes. In some instances, we install air movers to get the desired results.

Chairs can also be sanitised or disinfected. We apply a product called Milgo QGC/Plus to make sure that the chair is completely bacteria free. Another option is to apply fabric protectant to the chairs. This protects the material against future stains.

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