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Sydney ChemDry service will leave you spoilt for choice.  We really try and be a one-stop service in the cleaning industry. Our core activities have remained the same but in line with customer needs, our company has followed the policy of adding new services over the two decades of trading in Sydney.

Our services include:

Carpet Cleaning.                              Mattress Cleaning.

Rug Cleaning.                                   Dust Mite Treatment.

Tile Cleaning.                                   Mould Removal.

Sofa Cleaning.                                  Drying of Wet Carpets.

Air Conditioning Cleaning.         Water Damage Restoration

Smoke and Soot Damage Decontamination

Chem-Dry Action  specialises in commercial carpet cleaning and office chair cleaning. The Sydney ChemDry service will take care of the work at a time that suits your office or restaurant.

We also offer an emergency wet carpet restoration service.  We are insurance approved and all our technicians are IICRC water damage certified. We understand how to deal with emergencies and have dealt with thousands of insurance claims over the years. Many Real Estate and Strata Companies turn to us when they have a wet carpet issue. We act fast and resolve the drama!

We are fully insured and will return free of charge should any problems arise.

What makes our cleaning so unique?

Carbonation in Natural 2 (our base Chem-Dry cleaning chemical) allows us to get great results on your carpets and sofas.  Bubbles lift dirt to the top and also leaves everything much drier. Many companies have tried to copy us over the years.  They have not been able to match our cleaning results.

Our carpets are dry within 1-2 hours after the cleaning. No wet mess to contend with. We have a huge following of loyal repeat and referral customers.

Give us a call! 1300 136 776

We form part of ChemDry Australia which is part of ChemDry USA. Together we form the largest carpet cleaning franchise in the world.

The Sydney Chem-Dry Action office

There are of course, much more to our great city:

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