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Graffiti Cleaning – Another Vital Service

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Graffiti cleaning is not really associated with Chem-Dry services. Chem-Dry Action takes a different view. If there are cleaning or restoration requirements in Sydney, our technicians will always try to solve your problems.Graffiti Cleaning

What Makes Graffiti Removal so Important?

Whenever buildings, other infrastructure, vehicles, trains or even contents are tagged, the original purpose and value will be negatively affected. Some may see graffiti it as an expression of art but most of you will agree that it is of a form of vandalism. If you discover that this kind of damage has taken place, fast action is called for.

graffiti cleaning

In many cases, properties will look run down.  Graffiti can affect the value of your home or business. Tagging can also interfere with advertising or a certain image that you wish to portray. There are examples where graffiti becomes artistic and very valuable in its own right. The famous Banksy artist is a good example of where it has become more than just an act of vandalism. The City of Sydney has some good advice on the matter.  The sad fact is tagging quite often attracts more graffiti. The cost of cleaning Sydney public property run into very large amounts of money.

What Does Our Service Entail?

We are able to clean all types of surfaces. Brick walls, rendered surfaces, metal, glass, plastic and more. We have the cleaning solutions and equipment to deal with all situations.  Even in areas that are difficult to access, our technicians are there to solve your problems. Chem-Dry Action will even take care of re-painting if required.

Let us inspect your damage and we will give you a free quotation without any obligation. Experience the Chem-Dry Difference.

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