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Upholstery Cleaning should be left to the professionals!

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Let’s face it. Upholstery cleaning is not easy. Many people try to spot clean or wash their couches/cushions themselves. The results are quite often a bit of a disaster. This is why you should leave upholstery cleaning to the professionals.

Upholstery Cleaning

Chem-Dry Quick Dry has many years of experience when it comes to upholstery cleaning and we guarantee a successful clean every time. We are experts in removing tough stains, and our team of professional cleaners use environmentally friendly solutions that won’t harm your furniture or fabrics

Damaged fabric with shrinkage or a colour mismatch are the most common outcomes. Unfortunately, we cannot reverse the situation in these instances. Professional cleaning is much cheaper than lounge suite replacement.

At Chem-Dry, we have a range of different treatments available for couch upholstery cleaning and protection. Fabrics we clean most often are:

Fake suede fabrics which are made of acrylic microfibres. It looks a bit like suede leather leading to the name of mock/fake suede.
Damask fabric furniture where wool + silk or linen + silk are combined. This fabric combination will demand professional attention.
White, patterned or denim cotton fabrics. As a variation, we also clean Indian cotton.
Other synthetic fibre upholstery.

What Cleaning Methods Do We Use?

The main systems of  Chem-Dry upholstery cleaning revolve around two main techniques:

We either combine steam cleaning with dry cleaning in a two stage process or we use our low moisture steam cleaning process. Both systems get great results and the combination process is used where fabrics like silk or viscose are involved or where colour migration may occur. Our low moisture steam cleaning process is used on the most of the couches that we clean. The cleaning method of combining heat, chemical, agitation, dwell time and finally extraction is still the best way of fabric furniture restoration.

Protect your furniture with Chem-Dry. 

Fabric protection is strongly recommended in the following instances:

  • If you have a lot of traffic (pets or young children) the chances of stains on your upholstery also increase.
  • Make sure that that family heirloom or exclusive designer furniture piece is shielded from everyday living.
  • When you have light lounges (white or beige), permanent stains are much more visible. Give your fabric the protection that it deserves!
Our service is not limited to fabric couch cleaning and protection.

We also offer a top quality leather cleaning and conditioning service. Our customers are delighted with the results of our leather furniture restoration. The two-stage process of cleaning and conditioning will make your lounges look as good as new.

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