Carpet Maintenance Northern Beaches

Carpet Maintenance Northern Beaches TipCarpet Maintenance Northern Beaches

Why  Carpet Maintenance Northern Beaches? Well the answer lies in sand. Being an area with many fantastic beach side suburbs, the amount of sand walked onto carpets throughout this part of Sydney will be off the scale.

What is The Problem?

Shoe traffic will transfer onto carpets. It could be oil or grease from bitumen surfaces. It could be gum or e-coli from pavements. Or it could be sand from the beach.

Dust and dirt via shoes will shorten the life of your carpet considerably. This happens through fibre abrasion. Fibres flatten over time. As the years go by your carpets will get dirtier and lose their lustre. No matter how much you vacuum your carpet. Carpets can contain twice its weight in sand and dust. As the grit settles, the best vacuum cleaners will only remove a portion of the material.

The Best Tip to Avoid Your Carpet From Becoming a Dust Trap:

Get everybody who enters your home to remove their shoes. Embarrassing you say? Too much effort you say? It really is only about changing habits. Once the rule is in place you would be amazed how quickly it just becomes part of your routine.

Carpet Maintenance Northern Beaches
Carpets will stay cleaner for much longer. Fibres will remain in position. Your carpet should remain looking like new for years to come.

All of sudden other nasties also no longer appear on your carpets. In the 30 years of carpet cleaning advice, taking your shoes off is still the best change you can make. It does not require any financial input. We all love free hacks that work. There is no doubt that this simple action will make a huge difference.


At Chem-Dry Action, we will always be there for your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs. You can however, save your money by introducing this simple tip.