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upholstery steam cleaning


Upholstery Steam Cleaning is our preferred option of couch cleaning. The process of hot water extraction is very effective in removing dirt and many stains. This cleaning process is particularly effective with micro fibre, nylon, wool, cotton, polyester and acrylic material.

Why is ChemDry’s Upholstery Steam Cleaning Service Different?

Although water is used in the cleaning, we use significantly less water in the steam cleaning process. The principals of cleaning chemical, agitation and heat still apply but with the aim of getting the upholstery dry as quickly as possible.

Why is Rapid Drying Fabric Cleaning Important?

The first benefit is that you can use your furniture much quicker because we use less water. Keep in mind that we use quality cleaning solutions combined with the power of steam cleaning. The phrases “Drier, Cleaner, Healthier are very important because we want the best restoration results for our customers at all times.

There are certain problems associated with overwetting fabric sofas. Shrinkage can occur and is quite often visible afterwards in the piping of arms or tightening of cushion shapes. Mould incubation is possible underneath the fabric (mostly in the foam or down part of the lounge) if too much moisture is used in the cleaning process. Rust can wick through the fabric when water hits rusty metal tacks or buttons. Fabric yellowing or browning may happen during the cleaning of cotton material.

With Chem-Dry Upholstery Cleaning these problems are not an issue. This is why we are a premium service. We take great care with your possessions. For more information on cleaning delicate fabrics, go to our Fabric Dry Cleaning page.

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