Dust Mite Removal Tips

Dust Mite Removal Tips for a Healthier HomeDust Mite Removal Tips

Our dust mite removal tips start with by looking at items that can be avoided in a home. Removing all dust mites in a property is not possible. Heat and very cold temperatures will do the trick. Unfortunately we humans will also not survive at the required climate requirements.

What Can Be Avoided?

Avoid all carpets in the home. Carpets cannot be steam cleaned to the required level that will remove and kill dust mites. The only rugs in the home has to be washable at high heat. At least 60 degrees Celsius.

Remove curtains. Replace with vertical blinds.

Replace your fabric upholstery with leather furniture.

Avoid buying soft toys for your children.

Replace your mattresses with latex mattresses.

Reality Check!Dust Mite Removal Tips

We live in the world where tradition and nuance play significant roles in our daily lives.

Replacing everything is still not going to solve the problem of dust mites. At best reduce the problem. Not everybody like leather couches or tiled/wooden floors.

The amount of money required to make the changes will drain most budgets.

Practical Lower Cost  Solutions:

Invest in an air purifier with a high efficiency particulate air filter. This will significantly reduce floating dust in the room. The best place for such a device is your bedroom.

Make sure your rooms are not dark and humid. Keeping things light, dry and airy is best. Invest in dehumidification and quality moisture absorbers. Dust mites love damp rooms.

Encasing your mattress and pillows in special anti-allergen covers. This will contain the dust mites already inside the mattress filling and pillows.

It is possible to kill dust mites in clothing and bed covers. Washing with heat or freezing (not that practical) are options. Just make sure the material can stand the process. The same goes for soft toys.

Vacuum very often with a device that contains a HEPA filter. Investing in a quality vacuum cleaner is very important.

Dust furniture and window panes regularly. Use a damp micro fiber cloth. Dust in one direction to avoid spreading the particulate around.

Mop hard floors. The dry quickly. You can also use a vacuum (dry/wet) or some modern dry vacuum process.

Chem-Dry Dust Mite Treatment

Our company has made a significant contribution in this space. Our proprietary dust mite treatment neuters the protein in the dust mite droppings. This has been proven to give allergy suffers significant relief.

Our dust mite treatment can be applied on carpets, rugs, fabric lounges and mattresses.

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