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Mattress Cleaning is often overlooked when it comes down to domestic cleaning. Is is not that visible because we cover our beds with sheets or doonas. Because we lie down with our face right next to the mattress, it is crucial for your long-term health that dust mites and mould in the mattress are removed and neutralised as much as possible. This is of course, relevant for the bedding as well.

Two of the most serious allergy triggers may well be lurking in your mattress. We are talking about dust mite droppings and mould. Regular cleaning and sanitation of mattresses are crucial in a time we are becoming more allergic.


Our technicians and cleaning chemicals are the best.


Our technicians will:

Inspect the mattress and pre-treat all stains with the range of Chem-Dry stain removing chemicals.

Complete the mattress cleaning with the option of sanitising or protecting the fabric afterwards. The Chem-Dry technicians use the same upholstery restoration equipment to clean the mattresses. We use a combination of low moisture steam cleaning and/or  solvent dry cleaning to get the job done. Another step in the service is to speed dry the mattress with an air mover if customers need to use the bed on the same day.

Our mattress cleaning services also include:

Drying of mattresses where water damage has occurred.

Sanitise beds that have been contaminated.

Dust Mite treat mattresses where allergic reactions are a problem.

Chem-Dry will help you get that well deserved night’s rest.

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Our Services extend across Sydney and all over Australia. At Chem-Dry Action we concentrate on the following core cleaning options:

Carpet Cleaning     Upholstery Cleaning    Rug Cleaning    Mattress Restoration    Tile Cleaning


Have a look at our Commercial Carpet Cleaning.  Our service is available at a time which suits your operation.

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