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Is your air conditioner cost a lot of money to run?  Do you seem to be affected by the air conditioner? It could be that it needs our Air Conditioning Cleaning Sydney service.  Don’t wait around, have one of our experienced technicians complete a high-quality air conditioning treatment for your home or business.

Chem-Dry Action using the Aeris 10 step  Air Conditioning Cleaning Sydney system to clean both ducted or split systems.

Our process is divided into 10 steps:

  • Step 1. System assessment. Our technician will first inspect and assess your air conditioner system.
  • Step 2. Access the filters, coils and drain pans by removing the appropriate panels or duct work.
  • Step 3. Removal of bulk dust build-up by vacuuming.
  • Step 4. Clean indoor coil with Aeris Guard coil cleaner.
  • Step 5. Coil rinsing. Coil must be flushed to remove contaminants.
  • Step 6. Coil treatment. A special coil protection is sprayed on to prevent re-colonisation for 12 months.
  • Step 7. Filter cleaning. Remove visible dust, mould and bacteria from filters.
  • Step 8. Spray filter with Aeris Guard filter treatment to prevent re-colonisation of mould and bacteria.
  • Step 9. Aeris guard condensate pan tablet is inserted into drain line to prevent blocking.
  • Step 10. System restoration. Includes reassembly of the unit and confirmation of the operational performance.


What does this mean for you?

Cleaner and Healthier Air. Far less mould and dust distribution mean a healthier home all round.

12 Months Protection. The mould inhibiting enzyme treatment will stop mould colonies from incubating.

Improves Air Flow. Better working machines reduce electricity costs.


If you’re not sure about air conditioning treatment, then leave it to the experts at Chem-Dry Action.

We come out at a time that suits our customers and always aim to charge the most affordable rate for our professional services.

For the best air conditioning cleaning Sydney service, contact the experts at Chem-Dry today and ask for a quote.


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