Chem-Dry Products – 3 Amazing Stain Removal Applications

Chem-Dry Products to cover everyday disasters.

Chem-Dry Products are sold all over the world. They tested and produced in the USA under the strictest consumer standards. It is not often that a product attracts cult following. Our Chem-Dry Spot Remover has earned that status.

Great for stubborn stains

 Chem-Dry Spot Remover is designed for general stains.

Fantastic specialised stain remover.

 This spot remover works on oil, tar and grease stains.

For great allergy relief.

 Treat Dust Mites and relieve your allergies.


These handy Chem-Dry products are handy when your local Chem-Dry technician is not around to look after stains. It is generally considered that you should deal with a stain as soon as possible. This is true when it comes to clothing, carpets, sofas, rugs or any other type of soft furnishing. Speed is the key to removing stains in just about all instances.

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