Dog Urine Rug Cleaning

Dog Urine Rug Cleaning of the highest quality.

Our best friend can on occasion try our patience.

Sometimes your dog is not properly house trained, is feeling poorly or is just getting old. The urine damage and the resulting smell can drive many of us to distraction! Some dogs can produce a serious volume of urine. They have a habit of returning to the same areas as well. Prevention of the habit and proper dog urine rug cleaning is the answer.

Everyone makes mistakes.


Rugs that are affected by dog urine are cleaned in one of two ways:

  • The full immersion of the rug with cleaning chemicals and disinfectant to break down and rinse the urine out of the rug. This activity is more like rug washing than rug cleaning but has proven to be very effective. This is followed by steam cleaning and extraction plus rapid drying of the affected rug. Once the rug is dry, it is again bonnet cleaned and sanitised.


  • Rinse and steam clean the front and backing of the rug to remove the bulk of the smelly urine crystals. Then follow with Chem-Dry’s patented Pet Urine Odour Removal Treatment which is applied heavily and allowed to dwell for day or two. The PURT treatment will come into contact with the urine and break the nasty urine smell down.


In severe cases the two systems are combined to get the very best results. It is important to note that once yellow urine staining appears on a rug, it is often a permanent stain which cannot be reversed. The focus of our cleaning falls on removal of odour causing urine crystals. Our unique PURT system is world famous for doing the job. If our technicians are satisfied with the first cleaning results, we are will to repeat clean the rug.

This process of rug cleaning is quite extreme and may lead to minor rug damage or colour migration but the alternative is replacing the rug as few people are happy to tolerate the pet urine odour.

We are able to clean any type of rug or fibre.

Our dog urine rug cleaning service is without peer.

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