Dee Why Upholstery Cleaning – [11 Steps] of Professional Restoration

Dee Why Upholstery Cleaning by Chem-Dry Action

Dee Why Upholstery Cleaning supports all the Northern Beaches suburbs. There is an eleven stage restoration process which we provide.

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Our job cannot be any easier! Our Factory is based at 4/265 Harbord Road in Dee Why. We can almost walk to your apartment or home.

Keeping upholstery clean can be quite a challenge. Food or drinks stains combine with young children and that “as new look” disappears rather quickly. Timely maintenance and cleaning may be required but spot cleaning and vacuuming a lounge only go that far. It is recommended that upholstery is cleaned at least every couple of years.

Half cleaned chair.

Good upholstery maintenance limits the frequency of having to replace expensive lounges or sofas. Most of us like fresh and clean smelling homes. There is nothing worse than a stale and dirty old sofa on life support! The Dee Why Upholstery Cleaning technicians will ensure the best service and cleaning results possible.

How do we do it?

We use only the most advanced cleaning chemicals for your upholstery.

Our employees are all very experienced with the range of fabric cleaning. Our top three employees have a combined cleaning experience of around 50 years. You can rest assured that our company will send someone with friendly and professional service skills. You would not want just anybody in your home! The Dee Why Upholstery Cleaning service will strive to tick all the boxes of a top quality experience.

Many customers will have used us on several occasions and also recommended Chem-Dry to their friends and family through the years. It is this tick of approval which forms the foundation of our service. Customers will even go as far as asking for a specific technician. We love these requests as it validates our Dee Why Upholstery Cleaning credentials.


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