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Area Rug Cleaning Sydney – [ 9 Amazing Restoration Options ]

Area Rug Cleaning – Quality Chem-Dry Service

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We clean area rugs both onsite (at your home) or take them offsite to our Sydney area rug cleaning facility in Dee Why. In certain circumstances, the rugs may be too heavy to transport or be positioned underneath furniture that cannot be moved. Our technicians will clean the rugs in your home when this is the situation.  All our Chem-Dry employees are fully trained area rug cleaners.


area rug cleaning


It is our preference to take the rugs to our Sydney area rug cleaning facility if at all possible.  Area rugs that are cleaned off-site can be cleaned to a higher standard and our staff will have more options to deal with every cleaning challenge. Area rug cleaning demands care and attention and is much better suited to offsite cleaning. Gentle cleaning combined with the very best Chem-Dry cleaning chemicals give area rugs a new lease of life. Pet Urine Rug Cleaning or Water Damaged Area Rugs? We have all the equipment and chemicals to deal with life’s little emergencies!

We use the following 9 techniques when doing area rug cleaning:
  • Hand cleaning
  • Full Immersion or Rug Washing
  • Hot water extraction
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Solvent Dry Cleaning for delicate rugs
  • Air Blasting
  • Bonnet Cleaning
  • Colour Fast Treatments
  • Speed Drying with Turbo air dryers

It does not matter if you have a very large rug or just a little hall runner – Art Deco synthetic or handwoven wool oriental rug, we have a cleaning system to restore your rugs. Once we have cleaned and sanitised your rugs they will be sparkling clean.

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Better Homes & Gardens have some handy hints on rug maintenance.

Our network covers all the major cities in Australia:

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Our services are broken down into Sydney regions and suburbs.

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