Using Air Conditioning Cleaning in Sydney and the Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, and Northern Beaches to Freshen Your Home’s Air

To keep your home feeling fresh and comfortable, and to help control allergy problems, you’ll want to make sure your air is clean as well as your upholstery and floors. Especially during the summer months, air conditioning cleaning is very helpful for keeping the air in your home healthy.

What Can Air Conditioning Cleaning in Sydney Do for You?

First and foremost, having the filters, coils, and ducts in your air conditioner will help to limit the dust, dust mites, and other potential allergens or contaminants in the air. This is an important part of keeping your home clean and healthy. Getting all of your system’s parts cleaned out will also help the air conditioner work better and more efficiently to keep your home cooler and cleaner on an ongoing basis. The air flow will be smoother and more comfortable.

Because a cleaner air conditioner is more efficient and effective, air conditioning cleaning, at the northern beaches or elsewhere, will also help to reduce the energy costs of operating your system going forward. Chem-Dry Action, as a professional provider through the inner west of Sydney, offers a thorough service that continues to provide service for 12 months, meaning that you’ll be able to relax and not immediately need to worry about the state of your system.

How Does Air Conditioning Cleaning in the Eastern Suburbs Work?

When the technicians from Chem-Dry Action first come to take a look at your system in any part of the eastern suburbs, they’ll do a full inspection of your system to get a sense of how it works and should be operating, and of what might need to be done. Once the panels and ducts are opened up to access the filters, coils, and other parts, a vacuuming process can be used to get through the main bulk of the dust that’s built up.

With that taken care of, the coils will need to be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed to get rid of contaminants. A protection treatment sprayed on once this is done will prevent re-contamination and can last for a full year.

The filters will then need to be cleaned, both of visible dust and of contamination from mould or bacteria as well. Clearing them up will free up the filters to work better at continuing to screen out the air going back into your home. Like the coils, filters can be treated with a protective solution to prevent regrowth of these types of contamination.

Once all of this is done, a condensate pan tablet will be inserted into the drain line to help prevent that from being blocked. The system can then be reassembled, to start working again at a higher level.

Professional air conditioning cleaning for the northern beaches and other parts of Sydney will help you feel more comfortable about your air conditioner and your air quality than if you were doing it yourself. Chem-Dry Action will also be sure to work with you on scheduling to find the best cleaning time to coordinate with your busy schedule. We take pride in providing the best possible service and results for our customers.


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