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 Chem-Dry Action provides a range of services:

The Chem-Dry Action technicians are skilled in providing 11 unique services.

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Carpet Cleaning and Protection – We will start by moving your furniture out of the way. Your furniture will be replaced once we have finished, so there is no need for you to worry. We will then use a specialised semi-industrial vacuum cleaner. After this, stains will be pre-treated before starting with our carpet cleaning service over the whole carpet. Unlike other carpet cleaners, Chem-Dry Action will give you the best possible cleaning results where you are able to walk on the carpets immediately.




Lounge or Upholstery Cleaning and Protection – This service is where we clean a variety of different fabrics, including nylon, wool, cotton, mock suede, silk, viscose, and linen. The method of cleaning will depend on the type of fabric you have. Many loyal repeat customers attest to our quality sofa cleaning workmanship. Our technicians also clean a wide range of leather furniture.

Rug Cleaning and Protection – As rugs can be quite expensive, it’s important to make sure they are cleaned with the best quality products and by professional rug cleaners, like Chem-Dry Action. Where appropriate, the following methods are used on rugs: air blasting, water extraction with bonnet cleaning, solvent and hand cleaning, full immersion followed by speed drying, and spot removal.

Rug Immersion and Sanitisation forms part of this service. There are instances where regular fibre cleaning is just not enough. Very soiled or urine affected rugs may require immersion treatment.


rug cleaning


Mattress Cleaning and Sanitisation – Although mattress cleaning is often ignored, it is vital to ensuring a healthy and hygienic home. We offer a specialised mattress cleaning and sanitisation treatment throughout Sydney at a competitive rate.

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Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing – Chem-Dry Action specialises in a range of tile and stone cleaning. We will also seal the tiles or stones to ensure your floor has a barrier against dirt and stains. Our technicians are able to deal with complicated surfaces like marble, granite and sandstone. This where you need experienced quality workmanship. Many years of restoration experience places us in an ideal position to take care of this kind of work.

Water Damage Restoration – We offer a comprehensive 24 hour emergency service to ensure you receive immediate assistance in the case of water damage restoration. This involves moving household contents, extracting water, speed drying wet carpets, disinfecting affected contents, replacing underlay, and then finally, cleaning and sanitising carpets and contents. Related to our Water Damage is Mould Removal. Many homes in the Sydney area experience problems with mould. Our team of water damage technicians are able to clean and decontaminate mould affected rooms to ensure your home returns to health.

Smoke Damage Restoration – We also offers 24 hour service in the situation of smoke or fire damage restoration. Smoke and fire damage cleaning doesn’t have to be a long and stressful process! We offer this service so you can focus on other important things when dealing with fire emergencies.

Pet Odour Removal –   Pet owners are some of our best carpet and sofa cleaning customers.  Our professional cleaning solutions will take care of business every time.



Dust Mite Treatment – Dust mites are most often found in carpets and mattresses, and many humans get allergic reactions due to the protein found in their faeces. Don’t suffer in silence! Call us to ensure you can get a better night’s sleep!

Air Conditioning Cleaning or Treatment – Breathing clean air in a big city is vital. Our cleaning will help keep your cooling/heating system deliver healthier air. Even better still, your aircon will be more efficient and use less electricity.

End of Lease Cleaning – We know it is a bit of a chore but we are there for our Real Estate Agents. Many support our company throughout Sydney and we try and repay their loyal support with the best service possible!

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  1. I need to buy a new can of professional strength carpet cleaner. I live in Belrose, NSW

    Could you tell me if there is a shop near me?

    1. Hi Jenny,

      Please give our office a call on Tuesday and they can arrange the can to be dropped off.



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